Website Creation Resources and Tips

Website Creation Resources and Tips is a information website that I created to inspire people to have a go at building passive income for life from the internet. In many ways, this website simply chronicles my journey and the processes I used to make passive income from websites.

Website Creation Resources and Tips

It's not that difficult to create a website, whether it's for business, private, google adsense or affiliate products. Also it's not that difficult to build passive income from these websites.

The tips and resources available here may inspire you to create a website or websites in order to build passive income for life. In many ways, the content of this website involves information that has helped me in my journey to create websites for passive income.

I found the following seven website creation building blocks essential for building passive income from my websites.

1. Website Creation Software

It all begins with a website or webpages. Creating a website or editing a webpage template requires a software program like Adobe Dreamweaver. I use Adobe Dreamweaver (I usually use the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver) and I believe it is the best html editor on the market for website creation and webpage editing.

You will need website creation software or a html editor. However, there are a couple of FREE website creation software programs available that will do a similar job as Adobe Dreamweaver. You can find more information about website creation software by clicking on this link.

Headers and photographs are an essential part of website creation. You will need a software program like Adobe Photoshop to create professional headers and edit photographs. I use Adobe Photoshop (I usually use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop). However, there are some good FREE software programs available that will do a similar job.

2. Website Design Template

Website Creation Resources and Tips

I have found the best way to create a website is to use a webpage template. I used a webpage template to create this website. I can manipulate the webpage template to look however I want it to look.

If you are thinking about creating a website, it is worth investing in a well-designed webpage template.

There are three important features you must keep in mind when you design a webpage template. 1) The webpage template must have a good look and feel about it. 2) The webpage template must be easy to navigate. 3) The webpage template must not be cluttered with information. Click on website design template for more details about webpage templates.

3. Website Domain Name

Your website domain name is very important and should reflect your brand or a keyword that describes your niche.

For example: you have created a website for your photography business. The keywords that you are creating the website around are digital photography secrets. You could name your business Dave's Photography Secrets or Dave's Photography and your domain name could simply be: or

If you are driving traffic to your website via Google, then you will need to be aware of the down side of EMD (Exact Match Domains) and PMD (Partial Match Domains). By the way, I would not use dashes in your domain name.

4. Website Hosting Plans

Website Creation Tips

You cannot display a website on the world-wide-web without webhosting. So you will need to decide where you are going to host your website or websites.

There are good and bad points about every webhosting site. However, here are five webhosting plans that make webhosting easy and affordable. I used these webhosting sites for many of my websites.

5. Website Content Pyramid

Website content expands and explains what your website is about. If your website is about digital photography secrets, then your website content should expand and explain this theme.

The best way to build website content is to use the content pyramid. Of course, this relates back to the design of your website. Most websites have three or four tier webpages. Tier one is the home page. Tier two is the category pages. Tier three are the destination pages and tier four pages is where you will find the deep content.

6. Website Traffic Solutions

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There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. However, the most popular methods of getting free traffic to your website are: Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Article Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want free traffic to your website.

7. Website Monetization Ideas

If you are creating websites to generate income, then you will need to monetize your websites with either google adsense or affiliate products.

Information websites are usually good for google adsense and affiliate products.

However, you do need to understand what is involved in affiliate marketing and info marketing to make a reasonable income from these websites.

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